Astrid Zydower ARCA MBE

August 4, 1930 - May 27, 2005

A Celebration of her Life and Work

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Astrid Zydower was described by Dickie Buckle, art critic, as one of the greatest realist sculptors in the world since Epstein and Rodin, Her work for Expo 1967 in Montreal gained her the award of the MBE.

Her artistry spanned many areas as the diversity of her work shows, but she was also an extra-ordinanary person and much of her charm as teacher and friend was the fact that she had no idea how very special she was.

We invite you to learn more about Astrid, read her obituary by Madelaine Harmsworth in the Independent, and be touched by the eulegy written by her nephew, and enjoy the remembrances and tributes of friends, patrons and associates.

(We would be delighted if you have contributions of anecddotes, photographs and reflections on your experiences of Astrid - just email us with details).

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Astrid Zydower ARCA MBE Her Life and Works

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The Earl & Countess of Harewood

Photographs of her work, including those made for the Montreal World Fair and samples of her etchings. With notes on her life and comments and reflections by her friends,

Includes a catalogue of all known work.

8.5” x 11” paper back 167 pages

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