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Astrid's Life

A Woman of Many Parts

Astrid lived a varied and rather complex life but it was rather compartmentalised. She had many friends and acquantances, but so often they were not aware of each other, and the true extent of her social circle did not become apparent until after her death.

As one who was privilaged to know her as a dear friend for many years it is my pleasure to offer this account of her life and work, that she may be better recognised for the genius that she undoubtably was.

Here you will find my own account, plus those of others. They range from anecdotes to obituaries and a eulogy by her nephew Peter Soer.

If any other of her friends and acquaintances would like to add to this appreciation then I would be delighted to hear from you.

Peter C. Amsden ARPS ABIPP

Introduction - Intro to her life and work by a lifelong friend, Peter C Amsden

Zydower Family - A tribute from her sister Anita

Obit - Written by Madeleine Harmsworth and published in The Independent on 6th December 2005

Eulogy - Tribute to Astrid Zydower at her funeral on 6th July 2005 by Peter Soer, her nephew

Astrid by Fran - Remembering Astrid Zydower by Frances Kelly, journalist. poet and author


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It has been a poignant joy to create this website - joyful because my partner and I so loved Astrid, but poignant because remembering her reminds us of her loss. Yet her exuberance, innocence, and love of life is captured for all time in her work.

We hope you have enjoyed visiting this site, and we would invite anyone who knew Astrid or her work to share anectdotes of her life, and to allow us the pleasure of including more photos of her work on this site (with links to you and acknowledgemenst if you wish).

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